Our Social responsibility

Sustainability means not only being environmentally sustainable but also includes the safety of our people, sustainable growth, improving internal, supplier, and customer relationships, and ensuring we have a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We, ATeamCleaner identify and respond to material sustainability issues to successfully deliver on our company strategy and create value. Having regular, open, and honest engagement with our stakeholders helps us identify, understand and prioritize the sustainability issues, set feasible sustainability targets and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and to our organization. ATeam Facility Services & sustainability framework is shaped by our four pillars; 

Quality, Human Resource, Communication, and Safety.

We aim to lead the way in work health and safety (WHS) within our industry. Members of our Organization apply quality and safety standards that have been established to protect our clients, our contractors, our workers and members of the public. The philosophy of our organization is to ensure that our work is undertaken safely, with a high level of integrity and quality.